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Sale price€29.00

 Belt handcrafted from organic fullgrain cow leather with double sticking design and a nice 4cm width buckle. 

Fits perfect with your jeans and trousers giving an casual style to your outfit. 

You can choose the color that you prefer from the list of colors which accompany the product  and write it down in the order frame which is located to the end of the shopping cart.

You can also advise the belt size-guide to find the right length of the belt that you are going to order.

After you choose from the above we can manufacture for you the leather belt that you desire.

Belt with soft black leather, blue color leather belt, in black color leather belt, shinny blue color leather, natural brown color, antique color brown belt, belt in brown color, brown mat color belt, belt in light brown color, belt in shinny black leather, belt in grey antique leather, green color belt, belt in light brown color leather and in antique light brown leather.

WB2752/40M Sale price€29.00